Grand Designs Live

It’s the last day of Grand Designs Live and I will be on the Design and Build Forum going through my tips on what you should do to get your house ready for sale and more importantly what you should not do. Potential buyers can make decisions in seconds so its vital that you make the right first impressions with breaking the bank.

I will also be charing an expert panel as we navigate through the does and don’ts when it comes to planning your very own Grand Design. I am delighted to be joined by Stephen & Elizabeth Tetlow who built one of the most ambitious homes ever seen on Grand Designs.  This scaly, curving house reminiscent of a giant coiled snake in a field was the subject of a Grand Designs Episode in October last year, Click here for more details. I will also be joined by RIBA architect Jeremy Foster, and Heating and ventilation specialist Mark Philips.

Schedule – Sunday 13th May

11:30 | Design & Build Forum – How to get your home ready to sell

13:00 | Grand Theatre – ‘Top Tips for planning your own Grand Design’

14:40 | Design & Build Forum – How to get your home ready to sell

Want to come to Grand Designs? Follow this link to book discounted tickets for just £10 each –

See you at the show!